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Buying The Proper Horseback Riding Boots

What are horseback riding boots? Horseback riding boots are made to be used for horseback riding. Sounds simple enough, but you need to know the different styles. Did you know that there are different kinds of boots for different types of riding? Historically the riding boot was supposed to be made with higher heels to prevent the foot from slipping. The modern riding boots have low heels although the cowboy boot has a somewhat higher heel than others do. Since you are now finding out that there are different kinds and styles of riding boots, then what boot is right for you?


There are horseback riding boots for show and pleasure riding. There are also taller boots, which come up to just below the knee designed for field, dress and hunting. There is a standard for show apparel although depending on what type of show you and your horse are performing in that may vary. Riding boots can also be worn and are worn by police especially mounted police but have been known to be worn by also motorcycle police in some cases.


Horseback riding boots such as the ones with ankle lacing called field boots are great for shorter stirrups. These boots are used for jumping, jumping for show, hunting fox and event jumping. They generally come in brown or black. The traditional hunt boot comes with a top cuff and usually has a tan cuff with a black boot. The hunt boot is traditional, appropriate and used by male riders.


Horseback riding boots such as a dress boot have no ankle lacing. They are generally a little stiffer than a regular riding boot. Riders in a foxhunt or an event rider wears them. Show jumpers wear this type of boot as well and are traditionally black. These boots are higher on the outside of the knee to protect from injury.


Horseback riding boots known, as �Paddock Boots� are ankle high and primarily used for pleasure riding and every day use. Children for showing horses can also wear these boots. Both paddock boots and field boots have a double layer of leather at the toe of the boot. They have zippers and generally rounder toes and there is still the traditional pull-on style.


Horseback riding boots such as western or cowboy boots have been around forever and still widely used. They are traditionally made of leather but now there are synthetic materials that are worn and can cost thousands of dollars. The quality of leather can vary as well as the hide used. There are western boots made of alligator, snake, ostrich and many other materials as well as the traditional cow hide.


No matter what kind or style riding you might be, doing horseback riding boots can make your ride more comfortable and keep your feet from slipping from the stirrups. Do some shopping around on what is offered and check prices. You can get traditional or have some custom made to your liking. There are also specialty shops that cater to only boots and apparel for riders and horses.


Horseback Riding Can Be A Fun And Safe Hobby, When Done Correctly. Learn The Horseback Riding Essentials From the Comfort Of Home, Before You Go Riding.


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Source: www.isnare.com


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